Perform Debugging dialog box

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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After successfully building a service template, you can specify the details for the debugging session in the Perform Debugging dialog box.

The following table describes the Perform Debugging dialog box fields, subfields, and field groups. A field group is a collection of fields that are related to a specific action or configuration.

When you enter information in a dialog box, if the information is incorrect, errors that include a description of the problem appear at the right side of the box.

Field Subfield Description
Service Name: * - Specifies the name assigned to the service template. The debug version has "[DEBUG] appended to the name.
Tags: - Specifies the tag groups with which the service is associated.
Task Name: - Specifies the assigned task name. The debug version has "[DEBUG] appended to the name.
Task Description: - Gives an optional short description for the task.
Service Group:* - Specifies the service group with which the task is associated. Because the target device operated by the debug task affects the agentless connection-destination definition, you must specify a service group.
Task Log Level: - Specifies the level of information that is output to the task log during the debug process.
  • Severe
  • Information
  • Fine
  • Finer
  • Debug (default)

The following details are provided for the list of properties:

  • Display Name
  • Key Name
  • Value
  • Description
  • Scope
Edit Allows you to edit the service from the Modify and Submit user perspective.
  • From Create Service Window
  • From Create Request Window
Restore Default Restores the default values of properties when building the service template.
Import Imports a properties file. This can be useful for importing a properties file with known settings from another service template or that was saved at some point for the current service template that you are debugging.
Export Exports a properties file. This can be useful for saving the properties for a service template to a file before making changes, which allows you to import the original property settings if necessary at some point during the debugging process.