Controlling the display of tasks in the task list

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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While debugging tasks, you can specify how the list of tasks are managed in the Task List.

You can specify the period of time to retain tasks before they are archived and no longer shown in the Task List. After tasks are archived (and become history entries), the detailed information about the tasks is deleted, and you can no longer view it in the Tasks List view again.

You can archive tasks automatically by specifying a value in one of the following properties:

Property key Description Range
tasklist.autoarchive.taskRemainingPeriod Specifies the period, expressed in days, to retain completed tasks in the task list. When the specified period has passed, the tasks are automatically archived. The automatic archiving of tasks takes place one time a day according to the time specified through the tasklist.autoarchive.executeTime property.

1 - 90

Default: 7

tasklist.debugger.autodelete.taskRemainingPeriod Specifies the period, expressed in days, before debug tasks are automatically deleted.

1 - 90

Default: 7

tasklist.autoarchive.maxTasks Specifies the maximum combined number of tasks and debug tasks to retain in the Tasks List. When the maximum number of tasks in the Tasks List is exceeded, the excess tasks are automatically archived, starting from those with the oldest end date and time. The archived tasks are managed as history entries. Debug tasks are deleted automatically and are not retained in history. Automatic archiving and automatic deletion take place one time a day at the time specified by the tasklist.autoarchive.executeTime property.

When there are more tasks than the specified value, trying to run a new service results in a "maximum exceeded" error, and no task is generated. Periodic tasks that were run previously are not subject to this limit and can generate new tasks. Therefore, to allow new services to run, you must estimate the number of executions that take place per day to specify the tasklist.autoarchive.taskRemainingPeriod property.

100 - 5000

Default: 5000