Importing property values while debugging

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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While debugging a service template, you can import property values in a specified properties file.

  1. From the debugger interface, click Import.
  2. In the displayed dialog box, enter the name of the properties file to use for storing the property values, or use the browser to search for the specified file, then click Open.

    When the import finishes, notifications about the property values that have and have not been imported are temporarily visible as follows:

    • Updated properties: Properties to which the values are applied.
    • Skipped properties: Properties for which the values are not applied. These are properties for which the attribute values cannot be changed and for which the values are not applied due to the property value definitions.
    • Undefined properties. Properties that are defined in the file but do not exist in the target service.

    When importing a properties file, the JSON or key=value format is supported.

    The conditions that must be met to apply property values during an import are shown in following table.

    Property Group Attribute Property Attribute
    hidden paramMode visibility reference hidden readOnly
    False in config false false false
    False in exec false -- --

    If the properties do not meet these conditions, or there are no corresponding properties defined in the service, the values contained in the properties file are not applied. The values are also not applied if the "value" field is not defined or is set to null.

    Note: If the length of keyName exceeds the limit, the property is classified as a property that does not exist in the service.

    If an error occurs during an import, the error dialog box appears, and the import is canceled, leaving all property values unchanged. An error occurs when the specified file does not exist or the properties file definitions are not valid.