Examining debug details

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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While debugging a service template, you can examine details for tasks that have run, current service properties, and breakpoints that were set.

During a debug session, you can access details from the following tabs:

Task Log

By clicking the Task Log tab, you can access a list of tasks that were run during the current debugging session. To update the task list with the latest task activity, click Refresh or you can click the Refresh Automatically check box so that the task list automatically updated.

To keep a record of the completed tasks for a debug session, click Download and then specify the location for the log file. You specify the level of detail for a log file when starting the debugger.

Service Properties

By clicking the Service Properties tab, you can view all of the service properties associated with the service template. This is useful for verifying the mapping between the input and output properties associated with a step and the service properties for a service template. The following fields are provided:

  • Display Name: Display name assigned to the service property.
  • Key Name: Key name assigned to the service property.
  • Value: Value currently assigned to the service property.

Break Points

From the Break Points tab, you can see all of the breakpoints that are set for the current debugging session. The following details are shown:

  • Flow Hierarchy: Shows the hierarchy of flow usually indicated by a backslash (/).
  • Display Name: Shows the display name assigned to the step.

You can set a breakpoint to halt the flow at a particular step by selecting the step and then clicking on the breakpoint icon control.

When you no longer need the currently set breakpoints, remove them by clicking Remove All Break Points.