Debug and release workflow

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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After creating or modifying a service template, you can build and then debug the service according to the following phases:

Phase 1 - Preparing

Before building the service template, make sure that the service template details are specified, that the plug-in steps are arranged in the correct flow order, and that values for the input and output properties are properly defined.

Phase 2 - Building

  1. Start building the service template by clicking on the Debug tab.
  2. Observe the information returned by the Build / Release dialog box to see if any errors are generated.
  3. If there are errors, hover the cursor over the error message to see details pertaining to the error.
  4. Make whatever corrections are necessary and continue to rebuild the service template until it completes building successfully.

Phase 3 - Debugging

  1. After a service template has been successfully built, you can perform any necessary debugging.
  2. Correct any errors and continue re-building the service template until all errors are resolved.
  3. After all problems have been resolved, conduct a test by adding and executing the service in the development environment.

Phase 4 - Releasing

  1. When the service template is functioning properly and there are no further problems, you can release the service template. A service template must be in Released status to submit the service template to the operating environment.
  2. Create a service from the released service template.
  3. Verify the execution results of the task. If any problems are identified, amend the affected service template or plug-in and repeat the debug process.

The following figure shows the typical steps you follow when debugging, testing and releasing a service template.

Steps to debug, test and release a service template.