Building a service template

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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After a service template is created and is in the Developing status, the next step is to build and debug the service template and its related plug-ins.

Here are the steps for initiating the building and debugging of a service template:

A service template in the Developing state must exist.
  1. From the Service Builder Edit window, click the Debug tab.
    After confirming your intention to perform the debug, the Build / Release Results dialog box appears and the service template undergoes the build process. If any errors are generated, error icons and links are visible and warning icons appear when you have failed to enter a required property.
  2. Make the necessary corrections where indications appear or adjustments to the process as needed.
  3. Repeat the build process until the service template is free of errors.

After building a service template, the following processes occur:

  • Services added from the debug version of the service template are deleted, and tasks run from the service are archived.
  • The debug task run from the debug version of the service template is deleted.
  • The debug version of the imported service template is deleted and then re-imported.
After the build process completes successfully, the Perform Debugging dialog box appears where you can verify the flow of execution and make any adjustments that are necessary before releasing the service template.
  • Access the debugger to verify the flow of steps and to make any required modifications.
  • Create services and tasks based on the debug configuration of the service template.

    For more information on creating services, see the Hitachi Ops Center Automator User Guide.

  • Provided the service template works properly and has passed the build process, proceed to release the service template.