Managing versions

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

Part Number

Service Builder applies the same method of managing versions to both service templates and plug-ins. The system assigns a version number when you create a new service template or plug-in.

All service templates and plug-ins need a version number in nn.nn.nn format (major-version-number.minor-version-number.revision-number). Specify each of the numbers in the range from 00 through 99.

When you copy a service template or plug-in with the same Key Name and Vendor ID, you must assign the copy a new version number. You cannot duplicate a service template or plug-in with the same Plug-in key name, Vendor ID, and Version Number.

If two or more service templates with same service template key name and Vendor ID exist, only the latest version of service template is visible. Similarly, if two or more plug-ins with same Plug-in key name and Vendor ID exist, only the latest version is visible.

Under some conditions, when plug-ins are updated, a service template can include older versions that you must update to the most recent versions. In this case, you can update individual plug-ins or all the plug-ins for a service template by following these steps:

  1. From the Service Builder Edit window, go to the Actions menu and select Component Version Management. The Component Version Management dialog box appears.
  2. To update all of the plug-ins associated with the current service template to the latest versions, select the All Apply tab. You can see all of the plug-in component steps that will be upgraded by clicking Step list to be applied. If you prefer to individually specify each of the plug-in components that to update, select the Individual Apply tab and then select the version to apply for a step.
  3. After selecting the components to update, click Apply and a message confirms that the version was updated.
  4. When you finish updating versions, click Close.
  5. After updating a plug-in version, save the plug-in to apply the changes you made.
Note: Before updating the service, ensure that the service template and all associated tasks are in the Released state and that the service is archived or deleted.