Edit Property Group dialog box

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You can edit an existing property group for a service template from the Edit Property Group dialog box

The following table describes the Edit Property Group dialog box fields, subfields, and field groups. A field group is a collection of fields that are related to a specific action or configuration.

When you enter information in a dialog box, if the information is noit valid, errors that include a description of the problem appear at the right side of the box.

Field Subfield Description
ID: -

Specifies the ID for the property group.

Display Name: -

Name of the property group visible through the UI.

Description: -

A optional description for the property group.

Display/Hide: -

Specifies whether the property group is visible or hidden.

Custom Files package: -

Specifies a custom files for the property group.

Summary Panel Rendering Script: -

Defines a JavaScript function for display contents of summary panel.

Validation Script: -

Specifies a validation file for the property group.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.