Updating specific user information

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You can update the email and locale of a user. You cannot update the first name and last name of a user.

Request line

POST  baseURL/userapi.do?action=updateUser

Request body

Request payload is a JSON user object.


Request example

POST /userapi.do?action=updateUser Authorization: Basic <user authentication token>

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
username String Up to 20 characters except <,>,[,]
password String Password for the user name.
  • Password must be a minimum of six characters, by default.
  • You cannot reuse the previous six passwords when resetting the password.
  • Password must not contain the user name string in it.
  • Password must contain one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter.
  • Password must contain one digit and one special character. The following special characters are supported: !, ~, `, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), -, _, +, =.

Note: The password minimum requirements are not applicable for Active Directory users.

Response body


Response example


Status codes

Status code



400 BAD REQUEST Request URL or request body validation failed. Check the response body for details.
401 UNAUTHORIZED Supplied authentication token is invalid or does not have the appropriate credentials to access the resource.
404 NOT FOUND API server could not find a resource matching the request.
405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED Request HTTP method is not allowed for the operation.

Response codes

The following table lists the common API response codes that might be generated through the standard API. If an error response is not listed, examine the HTTP status codes to determine the best method for addressing the issue.

Response code Message Condition
C20100E0 Http method [GET] is not supported for action [updateUser]. HTTP method is not POST.
C2010001 Authorization failed. Request is sent with an invalid authentication token.
C2040001 Invalid Authentication. User does not have admin rights.
C2010002 Invalid JSON Request. Specified JSON input is invalid.
C2010003 Mandatory parameter {username} is not specified Username is not specified in the parameter {username}.
C2010004 Invalid value specified for parameter {username}. Specified username is invalid.
C2010004 Invalid value specified for parameter {email}. Specified email address is invalid.
C2010004 Invalid value specified for parameter {locale}. Specified locale is invalid.
C2040006 User name that is specified in the parameter {username} does not exist. Specified username does not exist.