Getting the URL of the Analyzer detail view

Ops Center Analyzer Detail View REST API Reference Guide

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You can get the URL in order to launch the Analyzer detail view. The API authenticates a user and creates a user session, to launch the Analyzer detail view in a logged-in state for the specified user.

Request line

GET baseURL/

Request payload is a query parameter.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description
landing String (Optional) A parameter to send additional information to the Analyzer detail view, so that the landing page can be changed as per your requirements. The option is: default

Request example

Authorization: Basic <user authentication token>

Response body


Response example

The application URL with the embedded session ID is returned. The session is created for a user based on the authentication token that is used to validate the API request.


Return codes

Status code



401 UNAUTHORIZED Supplied authentication token is invalid or does not have the appropriate credentials to access the resource.
405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED Request HTTP method is not allowed for the operation.

To view the list of common error code see Alert API response error codes and messages

Response codes

The following table lists the common API response codes that might be generated through the standard API. If an error response is not listed, examine the HTTP status codes to determine the best method for addressing the issue.

Response code Detailed Error Message Condition
C60100E0 HTTP method [POST] is not supported for action [getAppUrl] HTTP method is not GET.
C60100E9 Authorization failed. Request is sent with an invalid authentication token.