User, license, and product URL API resources

Ops Center Analyzer Detail View REST API Reference Guide

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This section describes the following API resources:
  • User management API Create, update, and delete a user on the Analyzer detail view. Once the Ops Center Analyzer application (third-party application) registers its users with the Analyzer detail view, the Ops Center Analyzer users can access the Analyzer detail view seamlessly. This API handles the bootstrap handshake between the Analyzer detail view server and the third-party application.
  • License API Register the third-party application on the Analyzer detail view server.
  • Product (Analyzer detail view) launch URL API Launch the Analyzer detail view from the third-party application. This API authenticates the user, creates a session on the server, and returns a URL with session details to the third-party application. The Analyzer detail view is launched seamlessly (without a login screen).