Timestamps and time zones

Ops Center Analyzer Detail View REST API Reference Guide

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The Analyzer detail view REST API uses the format yyyyMMdd_HHmmss for timestamp inputs and outputs.

For example, 23rd March 2015 10:00:00 is represented in the above format as 20150323_100000. For more information on format, refer to java SimpleDateFormat.

The valid range for timestamp input is from 19020101_000000 to 20371231_235959. Any timestamp input outside of this range is treated as an invalid value.

The daylight saving time settings are handled implicitly by java.util.TimeZone, which is a core Java class. Internally, new time zone settings are applied when JDK is updated. Java gets its time zone information from the IANA time zone database.

If you are using Oracle's JDK, the Oracle Timezone Updater tool is used to update only the time zone.

Note: In Alert APIs, all input and output timestamps are considered to be in the UTC time zone. Optionally, you can explicitly specify the time zone for API input timestamps in UTC + offset format; for example, UTC+01:00, UTC–08:00.