HTTP status codes descriptions

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Part Number

Status code



200 OK Request was successful, and the response body contains the requested log details.
206 PARTIAL CONTENT Request is in progress, and the incremental content is available in the response body.
277 PARTIAL OK Request completed successfully with some failures. Check the response body for details.
400 BAD REQUEST Request URL or request body validation failed. Check the response body for details.
401 UNAUTHORIZED Supplied authentication token is invalid or does not have the appropriate credentials to access the resource.
404 NOT FOUND API server could not find a resource matching the request.
405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED Request HTTP method is not allowed for the operation.
409 CONFLICT Resource already exists.
413 REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGE Server cannot process the request because the request entity is too large for processing.
500 SERVER ERROR API operation request failed. Check the response body for details.
501 NOT IMPLEMENTED API server does not support the specified action.
503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE API server cannot process the request, possibly because the API server instance is not running.

For a list of common error codes, see API server response error codes and messages.