Alert API design

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The alert APIs follow the same design concepts that are used in the database API.

Following are the high-level design concepts:
  • The request URL of the database API and alert API have the common endpoint, however, these URLs are identified by the functions. For example, the general URL format is https://localhost:8443/ where XXX is the API function.
  • API functionality is supported only through two HTTP methods: GET and POST. The DELETE, PUT, and other HTTP methods are not considered.
  • The API platform is reused. The getStatus and getAuditLogs APIs are similar to that of Database APIs.

Supported alert API functions

Function Description
createAlertDef Create the alert definition.
retrieveAlertDef Retrieve information about the alert definition.
updateAlertDef Add or remove resources and threshold.
getAlerts Get alert violations.
subscribeAlertDef Subscribe to alert definition.
unsubscribeAlertDef Unsubscribe the subscribed alert definition.
disableAlertDef Pause alert evaluation.
enableAlertDef Restart alert evaluation.
getAuditLogs Get audit logs for API calls.
getStatus Verify the request that is processing the status of the jobs those are being run asynchronously. This is a helper function available for all the above functions.

Access rights for alert API functions


Owner and Admin user


createAlertDef Yes Yes
retrieveAlertDef Yes Yes
updateAlertDef Yes No
getAlerts Yes Yes
subscribeAlertDef Yes Yes
unsubscribeAlertDef Yes Yes
disableAlertDef Yes No
enableAlertDef Yes No
deleteAlertDef Yes No
getAuditLogs Yes Yes