Alert API resources

Ops Center Analyzer Detail View REST API Reference Guide

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Using the alert APIs, you can create and obtain the alert definitions, you can set up the notification profiles to receive alert notifications.

The following are the features of the alert APIs:
  • Allows you to create, obtain, update, delete, subscribe, unsubscribe, pause, and restart the paused alerts in the Analyzer detail view over HTTP.
  • Provides the API access for authorized users only. The authorization is based on Analyzer detail view users.
  • Allows you to obtain or acknowledge violations.
  • Allows the alert definition owner to add or remove resources, and update thresholds of existing resources.
  • Alerts are shared between all the users. However, only owners (owner is a user who creates an alert) and built-in admin user can perform administrative tasks on them.
  • The Analyzer detail view can send push notifications for alerts. You can subscribe for push notifications using the alert API.

The following diagram illustrates the alert API flow.

You can access all alert definitions (created using UI or API) that are available in the alert database.