Volume types supported for global-active device

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In some cases, volumes that are used for functions other than global-active device can be used with global-active device P-VOLs and S-VOLs.

The following table shows which volume types used for other features can also be used with global-active device P-VOLs or S-VOLs.

Volume type Used as a GAD P-VOL? Used as a GAD S-VOL? Used as a quorum disk?
Dynamic Provisioning / Dynamic Tiering / Active flash
Virtual volume Yes1 Yes1 No
Pool volume No No No
V-VOL with capacity saving enabled Yes Yes No
Deduplication system data volume No No No
ShadowImage / Thin Image2
P-VOL Yes Yes No
S-VOL No No No


P-VOL No No No
S-VOL No No No
Universal Replicator
P-VOL Yes Yes3 No
S-VOL No No No
Journal volume No No No
Universal Volume Manager
External volume Yes1 Yes1 Yes
Data Retention Utility

Volume with access attribute

Yes Yes4 No
Volume Migration
Source volume
  • VSP G series
  • VSP F series
  • VSP G1000
  • VSP G1500, F1500
  • VSP 5000 series
  • VSP G series
  • VSP F series
  • VSP G1000
  • VSP G1500, F1500
  • VSP 5000 series
Target volume No No No
Hitachi Virtual LUN
Virtual LUN volume Yes Yes Yes5

LUN Manager

The volume on which paths are defined Yes Yes No
Volume on which paths are not defined No No Yes

CCI command device

Command device

No No No

Remote command device

No No No
Encryption License Key
Volume whose parity groups have been encrypted Yes Yes You can use an encrypted volume in the external storage system as a quorum disk.6
Nondisruptive migration
Volume which is being migrated Yes No No


  1. A DP-VOL that uses an external volume as a pool volume can be used as a GAD P-VOL or S-VOL.
  2. For the Thin Image node or leaf volume, see the description of the S-VOL, not the P-VOL.
  3. GAD S-VOL is used as a UR delta resync pair P-VOL.
  4. If you set the S-VOL Disable attribute of the Data Retention Utility to the GAD S-VOL, GAD pair operations using CCI are restricted. Release the S-VOL Disable attribute on the GAD S-VOL, and then perform the GAD pair operations.
  5. Quorum disks can only be set on external volumes that are configured so that one external volume group is mapped to one external volume.
  6. You cannot encrypt a nonencrypted quorum disk in the external storage system from the primary or secondary storage system.