Restrictions for using global-active device with Volume Migration

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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There are restrictions of which you should be aware before you use Volume Migration to move a GAD pair volume.

  • The GAD pair must be split before you specify the volumes as the migration source volumes for Volume Migration.
  • Provisioning types of the GAD P-VOL and S-VOL must be the same. Ensure that the provisioning types of the GAD P-VOL and S-VOL are still the same after the migration by Volume Migration.
  • When a GAD pair volume is shared by an SI pair volume, you cannot specify it as the source volume during Quick Restore of the SI pair. When Quick Restore completes, start using Volume Migration.
  • For Volume Migration operation when using GAD with nondisruptive migration, see Global-active device status and nondisruptive migration pair operations.
  • When combining GAD with Volume Migration, create the GAD pair first, and then operate Volume Migration. The GAD pair cannot be paired with the volumes for which Volume Migration is being operated.