Use cases for pairing global-active device volumes with ShadowImage or Thin Image

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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Backing up GAD pair volumes with ShadowImage (SI) or Thin Image (HTI) provides further protection for GAD data in the following ways:

  • When the GAD pair is resynchronized, pair status changes to COPY. While in this status, S-VOL consistency is temporarily lost. You can protect data when in COPY status by pairing the S-VOL with SI or HTI before resynchronizing the GAD pair.
  • Though data in a blocked GAD pair is inconsistent, host activity can continue with the P-VOL or S-VOL. Therefore, before correcting the failure by forcibly deleting the pair, you should pair the volumes with SI or HTI.
  • The SI and HTI pairs can then be copied, and the copies used for other purposes.