Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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You can use the GAD P-VOL and S-VOL as a ShadowImage P-VOL.

You can create up to three ShadowImage pairs respectively on the GAD primary and secondary storage systems.

Because the server recognizes a GAD pair as one volume, it sees the volume as paired with six ShadowImage volumes.

You can create three additional, cascaded SI pairs using the SI S-VOLs. This means that up to nine SI pairs can be created with the GAD P-VOL, and nine SI pairs can be created with the GAD S-VOL.

  • Pairs in an SI consistency group must reside in the same storage system. Because of this, the SI pairs that are associated with both the GAD P-VOL and the S-VOL cannot be registered to the same consistency group.
  • When you use GAD pair volumes to create an SI pair, you must specify the physical LDEV ID, not the virtual LDEV ID.