Registering the global-active device license for VSP G1x00, F1500 and VSP 5000 series storage systems

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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Register the global-active device license to install the software on your virtual storage platform.

  • You must have the Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration) role to complete this task.
  • You must install a license key for each software application before you use it.
  1. In Storage Navigator, open the Settings menu and click Environmental Settings.
  2. In the Environmental Settings window, click Install Licenses.
  3. Select whether to enter a key code or specify a license key file:
    • License Key Code: Enter the license key code for the software.
    • License Key File: Specify a license key file to install the software. Click Browse and navigate to the license key file. You can use a file name of up to 200 alphanumeric characters, excluding several symbols (" \ ; : * ? < > | / ,). The file extension is "plk".
  4. Click Add, and then click Finish.
  5. Click Apply.