Removing undefined resources from a virtual storage machine

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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You can remove undefined resources if you no longer need them.

  1. On the Virtual Storage Machines window, select a VSM and click Actions > Remove VSM > Remove Undefined Resources from VSM.
  2. On the Remove Undefined Resources from VSM window, select a storage system from the menu.

    remove undefined resources from vsm

  3. For each storage system you selected, specify undefined volumes you want to remove by choosing one of the following from the Specify Volumes By drop down:
    • Select Number of Volumes and enter a number in the Number of Volumes field beneath it.
    • Select Number of volumes and volume ID range and enter the Number of Volumes and Volume ID/Range in the fields beneath it.
    • Select Volume ID range (remove all volumes within the range) and enter the Volume ID/Range in the field beneath it.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) to display your selections in the lower half of the window. Add more selections if needed.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Remove host groups using the same procedure as for volumes.
  7. Click Submit to start a job to remove the undefined resources.