Removing undefined host groups from a virtual storage machine

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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You can remove undefined host groups and iSCSI targets from a virtual storage machine (VSM) as follows:

  1. On the Ops Center Administrator dashboard, click Virtual Storage Machines.
  2. Click the virtual storage machine (listed by ID and model number) on which you want to add a volume.
  3. Under the Host Groups/iSCSI Targets tab, click the Remove Undefined Host Groups from VSM () icon. The Remove Undefined Host Groups from VSM window opens.

    remove undefined host groups from vsm

  4. Specify host groups that you want to remove from the VSM. Choose one of the following from the SPECIFY HOST GROUPS BY menu:
    • Select Number of host groups, then click the plus (+) sign to add them to the list.
    • Select Host group ID selection, then click HOST GROUP LIST to specify the host group ID.
  5. Click Submit.