Creating virtual storage machines

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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You can use Ops Center Administrator to create virtual storage machines.

Each virtual storage machine must have a model number and a serial number. After assigning those, you can add volumes and host groups.

  1. On the dashboard, click Virtual Storage Machines and then click the plus sign (+) on the Virtual storage machines window.
  2. On the Create VSM window, select the storage systems you want to use.

    Create VSM--add physical storage

  3. Choose whether to use the model and serial number of one of the selected storage systems for the new virtual storage machine.
    • If you choose YES, the entire meta_resource group of the storage system will be the virtual storage machine.
    • Click NO to select a virtual model and a virtual serial number.
    Note: If a resource group already exists, it will be used and a new one will not be created.
  4. Click Next to add volumes to the virtual storage machine.
    You can add volumes from any or all selected storage systems, or skip this and the next step and add volumes later.
  5. For each storage system you selected, specify undefined volumes you want to add by choosing one of the following from the Specify Volumes By drop down:
    • Select Number of Volumes and enter a number in the Number of Volumes field beneath it.
    • Select Number of volumes and volume ID range and enter the Number of Volumes and Volume ID/Range in the fields beneath it.
    • Select Volume ID range (add all volumes within the range) and enter the Volume ID/Range in the field beneath it.
  6. Click Next to add host groups. Add host groups from one storage system at a time, then click the plus sign (+) to add them to the list.
  7. Click Submit to create a job to add the virtual storage machine.