Discover and add external volumes

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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Discover and add external volumes for your virtual storage platform.

  1. In the High Availability Setup page, click Quorum Disks to expand the window, then click Launch for Primary Storage or Launch for Secondary Storage in Manage Quorum Disks to open the External Storage page in Device Manager - Storage Navigator.
  2. In the External Storage Systems window click Add External Volumes.
  3. In the Add External Volumes window, click Create External Path Group and enter an Initial External Path Group ID. Click Discover External Target Ports.
  4. Select an External Storage System and then click Discover External Target Ports.
  5. Select the ports you want to scan, then click Add to move them to Selected External Ports.
  6. Click OK, then click Next.
    If there are no external volumes discovered, you can add one to the host group.
  7. In the Add External Volumes window click Next.
  8. Enter an LDEV name and then select the volumes you want to use in Discovered External Volumes.
  9. Click Finish and then Apply.