User interfaces for global-active device operations

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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Global-active device operations are performed using the following management software and optionally, the command-line interface (CLI) software for the storage system:

Storage Advisor Embedded
Use Storage Advisor Embedded to configure the remote paths and the quorum disk required when using global-active device for VSP E series and VSP F350, F370, F700, F900 storage systems with firmware 88-03-0x or later. You must configure these settings on the primary and secondary storage systems in the global-active device environment.
Storage Navigator
You can perform many, but not all, global-active device operations using the Storage Navigator software. Disaster recovery procedures are performed using the Command Control Interface (CCI) and cannot be performed using Storage Navigator.
Ops Center Administrator
Use Ops Center Administrator to configure and manage virtual storage machines (VSM), GAD pairs, and monitor and manage your global-active device environment.
Ops Center Protector
Use Ops Center Protector to perform pair operations in a global-active device environment.