I/O stoppage not detected in the counterpart system

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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When a stoppage is not detected within 5 seconds in the counterpart system, the pair volume whose system wrote the communication stoppage to the quorum disk will continue to receive read/write after the stoppage.

Read/write processing depends on the pair status and I/O mode of the volume that did not detect the write as follows:

  • When the pair status is PAIR, read/write continues.
  • When the pair status is INIT/COPY, read/write continues to the P-VOL.

    Read/write to the S-VOL remains stopped.

  • When the pair status is PSUS, PSUE, SSWS, or SSUS, read/write continues to the volume whose I/O mode is Local.

    Read/write is stopped to the volume whose I/O mode is Block. In addition, server I/O does not continue to the volume that should have notified the quorum disk that it cannot accept I/O, because either a storage system failure occurred or the quorum disk is no longer accessible.