Mounting a block snapshot or replication

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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The steps for mounting a file system path snapshot or replication from a Block storage device to a node other than the one from which it originated using Ops Center Protector are described below.
  1. Identify the destination where the data set is to be restored. Here we will mount a snapshot or replication to a destination machine and volume.
    Depending on the scenario, you can mount the snapshot or replication to its original node as a different volume or to a different node entirely. You can control the level of the mount operation so that the snapshot is added to a host group, through to mounting to the host OS.
  2. Ensure that the restore location is prepared to receive the snapshot or replication data set by locating the node in the Nodes Inventory and checking it is authorized and online.
    • For Host and OS level mounting, the mount location must have Ops Center Protector Client software installed.
    • SAN level mount does not specify a host so Ops Center Protector Client software does not need to be installed.
  3. Locate the data set to be mounted for the Block storage device by navigating to the Block Snapshots Inventory or Block Replications Inventory.
  4. Select the snapshot or replication that you want to mount, then click Mount. The Hitachi Block Snapshot or Replication Mount Wizard is displayed.
    1. Select the mount level (SAN, Host or OS).
    2. Choose Automatically discover or a Selected Host Group.
    3. For SAN mount click Finish, for other mount types click Next.
    4. Specify the Host (that is, the target machine).
    5. For Host mount click Finish, for OS mount click Next.
    6. Specify the Mount Location.
    7. For OS mount click Finish.
    The Jobs Inventory is displayed with a mount job that cycles through stages and ending in Progress - Completed.
  5. Once the mount process is complete, further steps may be needed to modify the data set before using it. The amount of modification work required depends on the applications accessing the restored data.
  6. Mounted snapshots or replications have a mount icon displayed in the Block Snapshots Inventory and the Block Replications Inventory.