Disable by deleting the replication group and retaining the primary volume

Ops Center High Availability User Guide

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You can disable the high availability functions by deleting the replication group and keeping the primary volume.

  1. Delete all GAD pairs by deleting the replication group:

    On the Replication Groups page, select the replication group, then click Delete.

  2. (Optional) Detach primary volumes from the secondary server:

    On the details page for the server, select all primary volumes, then click Detach volumes.

  3. (Optional) Set the ALUA status of the primary volumes to Disabled.
    On the detail page for each volume, click Edit and set ALUA to disabled. Click Submit.
  4. (Optional) Delete the host group created by Ops Center Protector.
  5. (Optional) Remove volume IDs and host group IDs in the secondary virtual storage machine.
    1. Open the Virtual Storage Machines page and select the secondary VSM.
    2. Click Actions > Remove VSM > Remove Undefined Resources from VSM.
    3. Specify the number of volumes, the range of volume IDs, or both, then click the plus sign (+). Click Next.
    4. Specify the number of host group IDs to delete, then click the plus sign (+). Click Submit.
  6. Delete the secondary VSM.

    On the Virtual Storage Machines page, select the secondary VSM, then click Delete.