Adding the first storage system

Ops Center Administrator Getting Started Guide

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You must onboard a storage system the first time you start Ops Center Administrator.

Ops Center Administrator needs access to all resources groups on the storage system so that the workflows function correctly. Verify that the service processor (SVP) user name used to onboard a storage system in Ops Center Administrator has access to all custom resource groups and meta resource groups.

If a storage array includes block storage and NAS modules, the file storage is automatically added with the block storage. You can then create pools and other file resources using the Ops Center Administrator interface or by using the API.

Ops Center Administrator also supports onboarding of 4-node clusters, which is a requirement for GAD Enhanced for NAS.

Note: To receive storage systems alerts in Ops Center Administrator, the storage system must be set to SNMPv3. If storage systems have SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c settings configured, you can still manage onboarded storage systems, but alert information for these storage systems is not shown in Ops Center Administrator. For Ops Center Administrator to receive alerts from onboarded storage systems, you must change the SNMP setting to SNMPv3 and add the Ops Center Administrator server as an SNMP trap destination.
Note: To get storage system alerts from two or more VSP G1x00/VSP F1500 storage systems, enable Use a unique SNMP engine ID for all VSP G1x00 and VSP F1500 storage systems. To do this, see "Edit Advanced System Settings wizard" in the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1x00 and F1500 System Administrator Guide.
  1. On the Ops Center Administrator dashboard, click the plus sign (+) to add a storage system.
  2. Enter values for the following parameters in the Onboard Storage System window.
    IP Address:
    For a storage system with an SVP, enter the IP address (IPv4) of the external service processor for the storage system you want to discover.
    User name and password:
    Log in as a user who has administrator privileges on this storage system. For example, you can log in with the username maintenance.
    Note: If the storage system has a virtual SVP, you can specify the SVP access port number following the IP address in the IP address field. The syntax is IP-address:Port-number.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. (Optional) Onboard other storage systems.

The Jobs tab is updated with a job called Create Storage System. If you are adding multiple storage systems, there a job for each one.

Wait a while for Administrator to add the storage system. Refresh the Jobs tab to verify that the storage system has been onboarded.

  • Verify the storage system initial settings.
  • Create parity groups.
    Note: Parity groups for the following storage systems are created outside of Ops Center Administrator by a service representative:
    • VSP 5000 series
    • VSP G1x00, F1500