Enabling and downloading audit logs

Ops Center Administrator Getting Started Guide

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Log in to the Ops Center Administrator virtual appliance manager to download an audit log to the Ops Center Administrator server.

You must enable Audit Log Collection to collect log files. By default, the audit log is disabled. The file downloaded from Download Logs is empty if the audit log is not collected.
The actions logged are as follows:
  • All Ops Center Administrator jobs
  • Ops Center Administrator server starts
  • Synchronous operations such as GET
  • Virtual appliance manager operations
  • Authentication (success / failure)
  • Storage system refresh
  1. Log into the virtual appliance manager at https://ip-address/vam.
    • For Ops Center preconfigured media or application installer installations, use the sysadmin credentials.
    • For stand-alone preconfigured media installations, use the service credentials.
  2. Click Logs and then click Audit Logs.
  3. To enable audit log collection, click Enabled. You can change the Retention Period.
  4. To download the log, click Download Audit Logs.