Creating Ops Center Users, User Groups, and Roles

Ops Center Administrator Getting Started Guide

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This section describes how to create a user and user group, then assign the role of Ops Center Administrator to the user group.

You can create users and user groups in Ops Center Common Services and assign roles to user groups in Ops Center Administrator. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) either allows or denies users (and associated user groups) access to Ops Center Administrator based on the existing mapping between Common Services groups and Administrator-specific user roles.

Note: You can use users and user groups in an AD server by directly registering the AD domain with Ops Center Administrator and assigning the role of Ops Center Administrator to those user groups. For details, see “Administering security” in the Hitachi Ops Center Administrator User Guide. You must assign Ops Center Administrator roles to the user account even if the user account already has any Ops Center Common Services roles.
  1. Create an Ops Center user, user group and assign the Ops Center role and user to the user group. Refer to the Ops Center Portal Help for details.
  2. Launch Ops Center Administrator from the Ops Center portal or directly logging in through Ops Center SSO. Click (Settings) > Security Settings to open the Security window.

    Adding roles to user groups

    Refer to “Assigning product-level roles from the Ops Center portal” in the Ops Center Portal Help for details.

  3. In the Group Name field, type in the user group name you created.
  4. Select the desired Ops Center Administrator user roles for the user group and click Update.