Registering the Ops Center Administrator server with Ops Center

Ops Center Administrator Getting Started Guide

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You can register the Ops Center Administrator server with the Ops Center portal by running a script that comes with the software. After running this script, you can access Ops Center Administrator from the portal using the Ops Center credentials and call Ops Center Administrator APIs using the Ops Center's access token.
Note: If you installed using the Ops Center OVA, Ops Center Administrator is already registered in Common Services.
  • If Ops Center Administrator was installed with the application installer (not preconfigured media), install Python3 to run the script.
  • Verify the following:
    • Host name of Ops Center Common Services is resolvable from the Ops Center Administrator server. If you want to use a host name that is not FQDN, set the IP address and the host name in the /etc/hosts file for name resolution.
      Note: After modifying the /etc/hosts file, run the following command to restart the Ops Center Administrator-related service.

      For the Docker environment, run:

      # systemctl restart docker

      For the Podman environment, run:

      # systemctl restart rainier
    • Ops Center Administrator server and the Common Services server are running.
    • Ops Center Common Services server is running v10.0.0-01 or later.
    • A user account exists with Common Services that has the "Application Administrator" role to run the script.

To register Ops Center Administrator with the Ops Center portal:

  1. Either open an SSH connection to the VM or open the VMware console and press Alt F2 to reach the console.
  2. Log in as root.
  3. Run the /opt/rainier/bin/setupcommonservice script with the following parameters:
    The Common Services username (optional). If you do not specify the csUsername option, you can input the Common Services username using interactive mode.
    The URL of the Common Services server (required).
    The Ops Center Administrator server host name or an IP address (required).
    The Ops Center Administrator port number (required).
    The Ops Center Administrator name to display in the Ops Center portal (required).
    A description of the Ops Center Administrator server to display in the Ops Center portal (optional).
    Indicates that Ops Center Administrator must perform SSL certificate verification when communicating with Ops Center. If set, you must select the csUriCACert option (optional).
    The CA certificate file to use for certificate verification when communicating with Ops Center. This option is mandatory if you set the tlsVerify option.
  4. After the command runs successfully, Ops Center Administrator is shown in the portal.
The following is an example of running the command:
# /opt/rainier/bin/setupcommonservice --csUsername sysadmin --applicationPort 443 --csUri --applicationHostAddress --applicationName MyAdministrator1 --applicationDescription foobar
Registering with following values:
Application Port: 443
Display Name: MyAdministrator1
Application Description: foobar
Registration Successful
You can change the registered Ops Center Administrator server name and description in the portal. If you want to change other properties such as host name, port number, and so on, first remove Ops Center Administrator from the portal, and then run the script again with the required parameters.