Enabling SSO with the Ops Center portal

Ops Center Administrator Getting Started Guide

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To enable SSO between Ops Center Administrator and the Ops Center portal, the portal host name must be resolvable by DNS or in the /etc/hosts file. Otherwise, SSO for Ops Center Administrator may not work correctly.

Note: After modifying the /etc/hosts file, run the following command to restart the Ops Center Administrator-related service:

For the Docker environment:

# systemctl restart docker

For the Podman environment:

# systemctl restart rainier

If you want to use an IP address instead of the host name of the Ops Center portal, do the following on the Ops Center portal server:

  1. Log in to the server running the Ops Center portal.
  2. Run the cschgconnect.sh command on the server.
    For details on the cschgconnect.sh command, see the Hitachi Ops Center Installation and Configuration Guide.
You can now sign on to Ops Center Administrator from the Ops Center portal.