Configuring SSO by integrating with Ops Center Common Services

Ops Center Administrator Getting Started Guide

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Registering Ops Center Administrator with Ops Center Common Services enables you to use Single sign-on (SSO), which controls the access of multiple related, yet independent, software systems. Using SSO, you can log in with a single ID and password to view and manage all registered Ops Center products as well as assign user access to them.

Note: If you installed using the consolidated Ops Center OVA, Ops Center Administrator is already registered with Common Services and you can skip this section.

You can either set up SSO when installing or upgrading Ops Center Administrator, or you can do it after.

  • To set up SSO during installation or upgrade, enter the required information during the procedure. The installation or upgrade script prompts you to input the information, if necessary.
  • To set up SSO after installation or upgrade, run the setupcommonservice command. Refer to Registering the Ops Center Administrator server with Ops Center to learn how to use the command. If the host name, IP address, or port number of the server where Common Services is installed changes, you must register Ops Center Administrator again.