Shutting down a server that you are replacing

NAS Platform Series 5000 Hardware Reference

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On the server that you are replacing:
  1. From the server console, enter the shutdown --powerdown command.
  2. Wait until the console displays Information: Server has shut down, and the rear panel LEDs turn off. The PSU and server fans continue to run until you remove the power cables from the PSU module. See the appropriate system component section for more information.
    Note: This specific powerdown command prepares the system for both shipping and potential long-term, post-replacement storage.
  3. Unplug the power cords from the power supplies.
  4. For a node in a cluster, once the node is shut down, go to Home > Server Settings > Cluster Configuration and delete the entry for the node that you are replacing.
  5. Use the following rear panel figure and table to identify and label the cabling placement on the existing server.
  6. If cables are not labeled, label them before removing them from the server.
  7. Remove all cables from the server, and remove the server from the rack.
  8. Remove the rail mounts from the old server, and install them on the new server.
  9. Remove the power supply from the old server, and install it in the new server.
  10. Remove the bezel from the old server, and install it on the new server.
  11. Insert the new server into the rack, and connect the power cords to the power supplies.
    Note: Do not make any other cable connections at this time.