Powering on the server or cluster

NAS Platform Series 5000 Hardware Reference

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To start/power on a server or cluster:
  1. Verify that all servers are switched off.
  2. Start all storage systems, beginning with the expansion enclosures.

    Wait until the disk LEDs on all of the expansion enclosures have stopped blinking (which indicates that they are spinning up) or two minutes, whichever comes first, then start the storage system RAID controller enclosures. Note that the disk drives in some storage enclosures do not spin up until commanded to do so by the RAID controller, so the LEDs may continue to blink until after the RAID controller enclosure has sent those commands and the drives have spun up.

  3. For a cluster configuration, verify the SMU has been installed and configured in the customer VMware or HyperV environment.
    Wait one minute to allow the external SMU to start.
  4. If you are starting a cluster, wait 5 - 10 seconds before powering on the next node in the cluster.