Rear panel LED state descriptions

NAS Platform Series 5000 Hardware Reference

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The NVRAM, power, and server status LEDs indicate whether the server is powered, its operational state, and whether the NVRAM is currently being protected by the super capacitor’s backup power. The way an LED flashes provides further information about what is currently occurring.

The following tables describe the various power status LEDs.
Table. NVRAM status LED (green/amber)
State Meaning
Green (solid) Normal operation
Amber (solid) The NVDIMM or Supercapacitor backup energy source is faulty.
Off Disabled or system powered down. The NVDIMM may contain data in internal flash memory that will be restored on boot.
Table. Power status LED (green)
LEDs Meaning
Green Normal operational mode of an active cluster node.
Slow flash (once every three seconds) The system has been shut down.
Medium flash (once every .8 seconds) The server is available to host file services but is not currently doing so. This also occurs if no EVS is configured, or if all EVSs are running on the other node in a cluster.
Fast flash (five flashes per second) The server is rebooting.
Off The server is not powered up.
Table. Server status LED (amber)
LEDs Meaning
Amber Critical failure and the server is not operational.
Slow flash (once every three seconds) System shutdown has failed. Flashes once every three seconds.
Medium flash (once every .8 seconds) The server needs attention, and a non-critical failure has been detected, for example, a fan or power supply has failed. Flashes once every .8 seconds.
Off Normal operation.