Fibre channel storage ports

NAS Platform Series 5000 Hardware Reference

Part Number

The four FC ports operate at speeds of 4/8/16 Gbps. FC ports use an enhanced small form factor pluggable (SFP+) optical connector.

The SFP+ ports can be removed from the chassis.
Note: When removed, the 10GbE Network SFP+ and the 16 GB Fibre Channel (FC) SFP+ storage ports are indistinguishable from one another except for their part numbers. The part number is located on the side of the port housing and is only visible when the port is removed. Refer to the table in Chapter 9 for more information.
Figure. Fibre Channel storage ports label fibre channel ports
Table. Status and Activity (per port) descriptions
Status/Activity (per port) Meaning
Status Green

(solid on)

Server booting
Green off Link down
Activity Top Green LED(flashes for activity, other speed LEDs off) 16G FC link
Middle Green LED (flashes for activity, other speed LEDs off) 8G FC link
Bottom Green LED (flashes for activity, other speed LEDs off) 4G FC link
HBA fault(LEDs flash in sequence) Host Bus Adapter faulted