Configuring the SMU software

Virtual SMU Installation and Upgrade Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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After you have installed the virtual SMU software, configure the virtual SMU network settings.

  1. In the console, log in as User: root and Password: passwd123!
  2. Run smu-config, and then follow the prompts to configure the network.
  3. Review all of the settings, and then type Y to confirm.
    The script sets up the network interfaces and the default properties, and then the SMU reboots.
  4. On your laptop or desktop, open a web browser and point it to one of the SMU IP addresses.
  5. Log in to NAS Manager as admin.
    The NAS Manager GUI opens.

  6. Before you set up the server, navigate to Home > SMU Administration > SMU Setup Wizard to configure the SMU settings.

    For more information about using the SMU Setup Wizard, see the

    Server and Cluster Administration Guide.