Installation requirements

Virtual SMU Installation and Upgrade Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Before you install the virtual System Management Unit (SMU), check that your system meets all of the requirements for new installations.

The minimum virtual SMU resource requirements are stated below. The physical hardware should exceed these minimum requirements so that the host has resources beyond those allocated to the virtual SMU. In particular, the host should have more physical RAM than is allocated to the virtual SMU.
Note: The vSMU OVA is not supported for deployment on any other type of virtualization product except as defined herein. Deployment of CentOS on a bare metal server and then placing the SMU application on that server is strictly unsupported. The CentOS version used in the OVA is purposely hardened to Hitachi Vantara standards and the SMU application applies CVE patches as required.
  • Minimum virtual SMU specifications:
    • 64-bit CPU with at least 2 CPU cores (1 CPU core per managed server or cluster recommended).
    • 4GiB minimum for CentOS Stream 8 (or 1 GiB per managed server or cluster, if higher).
    • 100 GiB hard drive space.
    • 1 GigE network adapter.
  • IP addresses for access to a hypervisor installation, if applicable, and for connecting to the SMU.
    Note: Each SMU virtual machine (VM) you deploy requires at least one IP address for management UI access.
  • An SMU OS install package.
  • An SMU software install image.

If you have any questions, please contact your support organizations for assistance with these products.