Virtual SMU Installation and Upgrade Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

Part Number

Hitachi Supplied Software/Documentation for a Virtual SMU (vSMU)

Note: Contact the local CS&S Support Personnel for the following files and documentation.
  1. SMU CentOS Stream 8 (SMU-OS-3.0.iso).
  2. SMU Application version 14.5.7413.01 or later (i.e. SMUsetup_deer_7413.01_hds.iso).
  3. Hitachi Virtual Installation and Upgrade Guide (MK-92HNAS074).

Customer Supplies Information

Important: A customer physical presence will be required on-site to manipulate cables on the nodes.
  1. Obtain the passwords for the supervisor, admin, manager, and root users of the HNAS Cluster.
  2. Obtain the passwords for the root, and manager users of the Physical SMU 400.
  3. VLANS: If using VLANs, verify that the network ports on the Customer Ethernet Management Switch for HNAS Management and Quorum are all in the same VLAN so that the Management Stations can get to this VLAN.
  4. Enough Ethernet drops run to the HNAS rack from the Customer Ethernet Management Switch.
    1. SMU - (eth0) (this should already exist in the SMU).
    2. A drop for eth1 on ALL Nodes in the Cluster, unless one already exists on eth0 of the Node.
  5. IP addresses
    Note: All IP addresses are from the customer IP address pool.
    1. SMU: Physical SMU - One permanent IP address (eth0) (this should already exist in the SMU).
    2. Cluster Nodes, if possible, use consecutive IP Addresses:
      1. AdminEVS: One permanent IP address (eth1).
      2. Cluster Nodes: One permanent IP address (eth1) for each Node in the Cluster.
  6. vSMU setup information:
    1. One temporary IP address (eth0).
    2. Customer Netmask (use the one from the Hardware SMU).
    3. Customer Default Gateway (use the one from the Hardware SMU).
    4. Customer Fully Qualified Domain Name (use the one from the Hardware SMU).
    5. SMU Host Name (use the one from the Hardware SMU).
    6. If doing the complete SMU Setup Wizard.