Reconfiguration of the SMU (if necessary)

Virtual SMU Installation and Upgrade Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Perform the steps below to change the eth0 settings on the SMU

  1. Switch to the browser session on the External SMU.
  2. Navigate to Home > SMU Administration > Network Configuration.
  3. Change the IP address on eth0 to the desired value.
  4. Change the Subnet mask on eth0 to the desired value.
  5. Change the Gateway on eth0 to the desired value.
  6. Click <Apply>.
  7. The SMU will now reboot to make the appropriate network configuration changes.
  8. When the SMU has rebooted, open a browser session to the SMU.
  9. Log in as admin; Enter the current password.

Verify that the SMU can contact the nodes across the network connections

  1. Open a PUTTy session to the SMU.
  2. Log in as manager; Enter the manager password when prompted.
  3. Ping each of the Node's new IP addresses from the SMU.