Guidelines and requirements

Virtual SMU Installation and Upgrade Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Follow these guidelines when you use Hyper-V to ensure that your system operates correctly.

  • Do not manually install or change Linux Integration Services (LIS) on the virtual SMU. Red Hat LIS is set up automatically in software version 12.7.411.xx or later.
  • Avoid using checkpoints (formerly snapshots), as doing so will affect the virtual SMU’s performance.
  • The virtual SMU is a generation 1 VM. The SMU OS does not support generation 2 VMs.
  • The virtual SMU has not been tested with a System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) or a VMM guest agent. Use these options at your own risk.
  • Avoid using Dynamic HW MAC Addresses. If not using SCVMM, assign a static MAC Address outside all assigned dynamic ranges of all nodes in the cluster. If using SCVMM, assign a static MAC Address from the appropriate pool.