Deploying the SMU OS

Virtual SMU Installation and Upgrade Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Deploy the pre-configured SMU OS template.

The SMU-OS-HYPERV-3.0 template is version 9 that can be deployed on a Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V host and above. To deploy on earlier Windows Server versions, instead of importing the VM from the extracted template, you need to create a new VM and then chose an existing VHDX (from the template) during its creation.

  • Create a unique folder in which to store the VM files. The following example uses C:\vSMU\smu1\.
Note: Each virtual SMU that you create needs its own unique ID and its own unique folder.
  1. In Hyper-V Manager, in the Actions pane, select Import Virtual Machine.
  2. In the Import Virtual Machine dialog box, click Next.
  3. Click Browse, and then locate the folder that contains the contents of the Hyper-V SMU zip file (C:\vSMU).
  4. Click Select Folder, and then click Next.
  5. Select the SMU OS file, and then click Next.
  6. Select Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID), and then click Next.
  7. Select Store the virtual machine in a different location.
    1. In the Virtual Machine configuration folder, Checkpoint store, and Smart Paging folder boxes, enter your folder path (C:\vSMU\smu1\), and then click Next.
  8. In the Location box, again enter your folder path, and then click Next.
  9. On the Connect Network page, an error may indicate that the configuration “Could not find the External Virtual Switch” (a switch that connects through a physical network adapter to a physical network). The template file looks for a virtual switch with a specific name, but it needs only a virtual switch with an external connection type. Either:
    • Select an existing virtual switch with an external connection type from the Connection list.
    • Create a new virtual switch with the Virtual Switch Manager in the Actions pane.
  10. Click Next, review the settings on the Summary tab, and then click Finish.
    A progress bar appears while the system sets up the virtual SMU.