Removing VSS initiated shadow copies

Snapshot Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Snapshots or FileClone file clones created by taking VSS shadow copies should be managed through the application that requested the shadow copy. Shadow copies are either non-persistent or persistent.

For non-persistent shadow copies, once the backup is complete, the shadow copy LUs are removed from the target and any corresponding NAS server snapshots or file clones are deleted.

Persistent shadow copies should be deleted through the backup application whenever possible. Although it is possible to delete a VSS initiated snapshot or FileClone file clone using the CLI or NAS Manager, care must be taken to ensure that a backup application is not active and an iSCSI host is not bound to the shadow copy LUs. Properly deleting a snapshot or file clone will also result in the corresponding shadow copy LUs being removed from the target.

Note: Using the CLI or NAS Manager to delete VSS initiated snapshots or file clones, or to remove the shadow copy LUs from their associated iSCSI target, will result in the unexpected removal of a disk from the VSS host system, and can cause the VSS host to crash.