Migrating an EVS within a server farm

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > EVS Migration.

    This page displays only if the currently managed server is a cluster node. Otherwise, clicking EVS Migrate will immediately launch the EVS Migration page.

  2. Click Migrate an EVS from one system to a separate, independent system to display the EVS Migration page.
  3. Click change to select a source server and source EVS.
  4. From the Destination Server menu, select a target server.
  5. Select the Test Only check box to test the migration before committing the change.
    The test ensures that the EVS migration is possible.
    Note: When selecting a destination server for an EVS, note that both the source and destination server must be running the same major firmware revision.

    A message displays indicating if the operation succeeded or failed. If the operation failed, the message includes the reason for the failure.

  6. Click Migrate to start the process.
    Note: If the source server is offline or does not function, migration will be performed using an existing backup and a warning is displayed.