Assigning a file system to an EVS

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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After the EVS has been created, at least one file system must be assigned to it. You can either create a new file system on the EVS (see the File Services Administration Guide), or you can assign an existing file system to the EVS. To assign a file system to an EVS, you can relocate a file system currently assigned to another EVS (see the Replication and Disaster Recovery Administration Guide) or you can assign a file system that is currently not assigned to an EVS.

Note: There is a limit of 128 file systems on each EVS.
  1. Navigate to Home > Storage Management > File Systems to display the File Systems page.
  2. In the file system grid, for the specific file system that will be assigned to the EVS, click details to display the File System Details page.

  3. From the EVS list, select the EVS to which you want to assign the file system, and click assign.
  4. When the Server Settings page is displayed, in the file system list, verify that the new assignment is displayed in the EVS column; select the file system, and click mount.
    The file system status changes to Mounted.