Managing multi-tenancy for an EVS

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Multi-tenancy extends HNAS individual security mode to provide true separation by maintaining per EVS variables and connection states. Each EVS has its own complete and separate environment which is configured as required (for example, network interfaces, routing, and security aspects are set on a per-EVS basis, instead of a global configuration).

When managing an EVS through the command line interface, the individual EVS context (label) is displayed on the command line prompt, and commands will affect only that EVS. Use the console-context command to change the current context.

The following commands are used to manage the EVS when multi-tenancy is enabled:
  • evsipaddr
  • set-for-evs
  • routing-by-evs
  • routing-by-evs-disable
  • routing-by-evs-enable
  • routing-by-evs-show

For more information about these commands, refer to the Command Line Reference. For an overview of multi-tenancy related commands and other related information, see the multi-tenancy command in the Command Line Reference.