Restarting an unresponsive server

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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To restart an unresponsive Hitachi NAS Platform 30x0 series server, Hitachi NAS Platform 4xx0 series server, or Hitachi NAS Platform 5xx0 series server, the procedures in the relevant Hardware Reference documentation should be followed. Those instructions include server specific instructions to ensure that diagnostic information is gathered prior to the use of the server’s reset button.

The Unified VSP Gx00 models, VSP Fx00 models and VSP N series NAS modules have no equivalent physical reset button, but the following procedure can be used to ensure that diagnostics are successfully preserved and the NAS module is restarted. It is recommended that these instructions be performed with the assistance of Hitachi Vantara support personnel.

  1. Login to the Maintenance Utility for either controller on the array.

    On the main page, under the “Set Up System Information” section, click on the icon next to the “NAS Module Status” heading.

  2. The NAS Module Status window will display the health of the Unified server’s NAS module components.

    In the display CTL1 corresponds to NAS Module 1 and CTL2 corresponds to NAS Module 2. Below the list of components, is a drop-down dialog labelled “Reset”.

  3. Click the Reset drop-down dialog and a list of components that can be reset will be displayed.
    The available options are:
    Field/Item Description
    Reset Unified Hypervisor Perform a clean restart of the selected NAS module
    Reset Hypervisor Network Module Reset the internal network interface between GUM and the selected NAS module
    Reset NAS Unified Firmware Perform immediate forced reset of the selected NAS module

    Only the Reset Unified Hypervisor option should be used, unless instructed otherwise by Hitachi Vantara support personnel. The Reset NAS Unified Firmware should be avoided as it will not provide additional diagnostic information necessary to identify the cause of server unresponsiveness

  4. After selecting Reset Unified Hypervisor a dialog box will be displayed. You will need to confirm the action, by clicking on “Reset”.

    A further screen will ask you to confirm the Maintenance Utility password to continue and a confirmation dialog box displayed to confirm the reset process is underway.

  5. Once the reset has been completed a Detail Dump should be collected from the system and passed to Hitachi Vantara personnel for analysis.