Monitoring storage resources with Ops Center Analyzer

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can use Ops Center Analyzer to monitor your HNAS resources by adding an Analyzer NAS probe for each storage system to the Analyzer probe server. You can then use the Analyzer GUI to display information about your monitored HNAS servers. The information includes:
  • A system overview on the main dashboard
  • An E2E (end-to-end) view that provides detailed configuration for your resources and lets you view the relationship between the infrastructure components.
  • HNAS analysis graphs
In addition, Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer integrates with Ops Center Analyzer detail view to provide advanced reporting to continuously measure and analyze the performance of your HNAS monitored resources. The real-time visual representation of your system health enables you to share reports with others. You can create three types of reports:
  • Predefined reports that provide high-level details at the application level and granular reports that show component-level performance data.
  • Ad-hoc reports that enable you to combine related and unrelated metrics of any monitored resource in one report to review the overall performance impact.
  • Custom reports you create with a tool called Report Builder.

For information about configuring and using Ops Center Analyzer, see the Ops Center Analyzer documentation.